I have this DB2 / OS390 machie to which I connect using a DB2 client on NT. On the DB server side, I have created a table with a GRAPHIC column. The DB2CODEPAGE on my client side is set to 1208, because I want to have UTF8 data coming from the server.

I have 2 problems:

1. Inserting data into the GRAPHIC column: For DB server on NT, I suppose we can insert into GRAPHIC column by prepending the value with N i.e. insert into tab1 values N'value1'; However this doesn't work on DB2 server on OS390.

2. Selecting data from GRAPHIC column: I somehow managed to insert by doing : insert into tab1 values GRAPHIC('value1'); However I can't fire a "select * from tab1;" I get an error as

SQL 0332N There is no available conversion for the source code page "0" to the target code page "1208" Reason code "1";

Look forward to some suggestions.