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    Red face Unanswered: I need to search i TEXT column much more than 4000bytes !?? how?

    it occurs that VARCHAR2 (4000) is not enough in my case. I try to use LONG or CLOB but I CAN'T user LIKE and WHERE for thise columns ... so this types doesn`t help me at all. The real access to DB is via CMP on WebSphere 4.02.

    Can anyone help ??? somehow ....

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    A way around your problem would be to split the very long column in multiple varchar2(4000).
    So instead of

    table a (c1 long)

    you would have

    table a (c1 number, c2 varchar2(4000))

    You would have to split your input into 4000 byte chunks and add a sequence number to it. A stored procedure would help here.

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    With Oracle InterMedia installed you can have both LONG, CLOB columns and also searches on those columns by building text index.

    Supported Column Types:

    By default, the system expects your documents to be loaded in a text column. Your text column can be VARCHAR2, CLOB, BLOB, CHAR or BFILE.

    Read the docs for more information:

    (Oracle InterMedia).

    Check the latest Oracle DBA forums for more information on:

    Hope that helps,

    Trifon Anguelov
    Senior Oracle DBA

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