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    Unanswered: Data Conversion

    Convert text to Small Caps

    I need to convert data in a table that is ALL in UPPER CASE to Small Caps.

    Can anyone help with the sql to acheive this ?

    Thanks in advance !

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    You can use the Format function, on an AfterUpdate event.

    like this:

    [control name]=Format(Me![control name], "<")

    Now, if you want to convert all data in a table, then create an upadate query to update usimg that function or simple run in code a cicle using a button in the form where the table is related:

    dim n as single ' n. of records in the table

    n=Dcount("[field name]","[table name]")

    docmd.gotorecord , , acFirst

    For i=1 to n
    [control name]=Format(Me![control name], "<")
    docmd.gotorecord , , acNext
    Next i


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