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    Unanswered: ERROR with "where clause" help me plz!!

    Who may help me? Look at this:
    SELECT user FROM emp WHERE user=abc444;
    //it shows:
    ERROR 1054: Unknown column ‘abc444’ in ‘where clause’
    //if I change it like this:
    SELECT user FROM emp WHERE user=’abc444’;
    //it shows:
    Empty set
    //when i’m sure that user abc444 exist in the table.

    I don’t know how solve this problem.
    What can i do?
    Thanks for the help!!

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    Where Clause Working Fine!!


    Nothing much to tell but be assured where clause is working fine. The the column is string/text, while comparing yu need to give the value in quotes.

    And second query is not yeilding any results which means that the row isnt their, well if yu are that much sure try using like operator with value of "abc";


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    well, well, folks! I'VE SOLVED THE PROBLEM!!

    when i "load data local infile", my text file had a "space" between the flag that terminated the column and the next column.

    delete the space and smile!

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