> respected sir/madam,
> i had to recently encounter of entering the movie
> files in a database using the blob datatype.
> i went through the examples given by you,but suppose i dont want to
use php scripts and want to do the same by using just the basic sql statements.

> The problems i faced are:
> 1) while creating the table how do i mention the size
> of the blob field. say..
> create table test (name varchar(8),movie
> blob());
> how to mention its size....

> 2) i used the following command to insert a file
> ,though the query said ok but the select statement
> showed a null value.
> the command i used is...
> update test set
> movie=LOAD_FILE("/home/Hitesh/hitesh.txt") where
> name="hitesh";
> 3)what exactly is the max_allowed_packet and how to
> increase or decrease it. in that case in which folder i
need to make the necessaru corrections.

> 4) how to retrive the file from the database.
> i did go thru the entire manual but the specific query
> eluded me...like i got to know that a file locator is
> stored in the database which indirectly connects to
> that file and so on.

the steps in this regards if forwarded to me will put me in
a good position, as i am running out of time to complete my
database part of the project on time.

thanx in advance.