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    Unanswered: File output

    I have read an Oracle article about the content management system they implemented, and was wondering whether a similar thing was possible with SQL Server.

    The system basically stored the content of articles etc. in the database, as well as revisions etc., a stored procedure then generated an html page from the database content, my guess is that this then updated any necessary pages containing links etc.

    My question is basically whether SQL Server (or T-SQL to be more precise) includes the ability to output the contents of fields into a file, so that when an SP was called it would generate the HTML for a page and output it to a file on the server. Thus avoiding the need to generate a page every time a request is received.


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    I can think of a few ways to do this. I don't know of anything built in to SQL Server to handle this.

    Do you want to call the sp from within the SQL server or from the command line?

    Do you want the ability to (re)build only one file at a time or rebuild all files?

    Do you have any metadata on the file names and locations?

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    The idea would be that the stored procedure could be called when a record is inserted, thus when someone writes content it then creates the HTML page.

    My guess is that there would also be the need to then update any linked pages, so if you wanted a link on the home page, the home page would also be re-written.

    Anyway, it was nothing more than a thought, and was curious as to how SQL Server might support this kind of functionality.


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