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    Unanswered: Oracle front end, Access back end - anyone familiar?

    I'm using Oracle 9i, Access 2000 (from professional edition) on Win '98.
    It is imperative that I get the info from the Oracle db into Access, but I am having a hell of a time. No solutions anywhere. the ones I do find are vague in explaining, and frankly, after I figure them out, the aren't working. I am new to Oracle & worked with Access only on limited basis in college.
    Can someone explain to me what might be the problem.
    I'm trying to use the ODBC help files, but nothing it says to do works.

    Thanks Very much in advance!!

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    You'll need to include some detail about where is it falling down & what error messages are you getting before anyone can give you much useful help but:

    There are a few things that you might check in the meantime:

    Is the Oracle client properly installed on your PC?
    If not then it needs to be (You should see Oralce options from your start menu)

    Have you setup a service name for the database? (can check this by running
    tnsping <servicename>
    from a dos prompt (If all's well the last lone will have "OK" on it)

    If this isn't setup you can do it with the Oracle Net Manager (from the oracle menu off of the start menu) and look under:
    Local - service naming
    (You'll need to know: host name, listener port and service name)

    When you setup the ODBC connection are you using the "Microsoft ODBC Driver For Oracle" or the Oracle one (I've had problems with Access using the Oracle driver in the past which I resolved by changing to the Microsoft version)

    Hope this helps,

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