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    Unhappy Unanswered: database lag....

    Heres my problem,

    I have a secured database on a network drive here in the UK, the database is split and I have staff using quite a heavily loaded front end (some lag issues here - but minimal). I also have 5 staff in he US who have access to this database thru a mapped drive.

    They were using the same front end as my staff here in UK, but because the database was lagging badly (most of the time it timed out!) I created a lightweight front end for the US staff., This front end only retreives records - there is no updating/manipulation... but still the lag is like 4 minutes to open the file.

    Is there a known issue with access over large Lans ? This has become a significant problem since I secured the this the cause of the lag ?

    Any ideas/suggetions/comments appreciated...

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    I suggest to use database replication to prevent this network problem. Create a replica from your backend database and store it in US. The US frontend retrieves the data from the US backend.
    A regulary synchonization (maybe once a day) between the backend databases in UK (design master) and US (replica) guarantees that the data are up-to-date.

    If both UK and US staff need up-to-date data in real-time you need a fast connection (e.g. DSL) and a database server.


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