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    Unhappy Unanswered: Why is my SQL Server Running so slow?

    WHY on earth is my SQL BOX running like pooh?

    I have recently moved from a box that was running software RAID.

    My new BOX is a DUAL P3 xeon with 1024 MB of RAM. The OS and SQL are installed on a RAID of 36 gig and then the DATA base is on a RAID of 136 GIG (Both drives have at least 80% free space.

    Both the OS and SQL are patched. I am just confused as to why it is running so slow.

    Check it out guys!

    The OLD box (running software RAID) ran at about 30 - 50 % CPU usage!

    I am stumped.

    I thought at first that it was the SQL mail. But now that I have removed it and rebooted still getting the wacky 70 -100% CPU usage!
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    I would look at 2 areas:

    1. In Enterprise manager go to Management -> Current Activity and examine process info and locks or look at the sysprocesses table in master.

    2. Go to system monitor and add sql server counters - specifically focusing on threads/processor time...

    These should reveal more specific information about the problem.

    Good luck ...

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