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    Does anyone knows if it's possible to migrate users to another server? I use windows 2000 server and SQL server 2000, Integrated windows sequrity.

    I want to use the second server as "Standby" Server. On the first server there are already created many windows-accounts. Do I have to create all theat users again on the other server? and all roles and permissions?

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    You can script the users and permissions by selecting the SCRIPT DATABASE USERS AND DATABASE ROLES and the SCRIPT OBJECT LEVEL PERMISSIONS from the Options Tab in the Scripting dialog boxes from within Enterprise manager.

    After the scripts are created, you can edit them to remove everything except the Permission statements.

    Now you can execute the script anytime you need to re-create the rolls and permissions.

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    can these scripts be run on another machine??

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    Any SQL script can be run on any SQL Server. The real question is probably should it be run. There should be no harm, if the script does not drop tables/procedures/views, or delete data. You should review the script to make sure you understand what it is doing.

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