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    Unanswered: I meet ora3120 ,how to slove,please give me a solution


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    ORA-03120 two-task conversion routine: integer overflow

    Cause: An integer value in an internal Oracle structure overflowed when being sent or received over a heterogeneous connection. This can happen when an invalid buffer length or too great a row count is specified. It usually indicates a bug in the user application.

    Action: Check parameters to Oracle calls. If the problem recurs, reduce all integer parameters, column values not included, to less than 32767.

    I'm sure you've looked this up, but I'm posting it for the benefit of others that may have a solution to save them searching the manuals.

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    this happens because pl/sqsl limitations on the varchar2* is 32767, and it uses that internally to hold the information on oracle calls.

    so if you exceed it, you'll get that error.

    it's not common to receive that, in fact it's very rare.
    as the message points out it's attributed 100% to poor programming of PL\Sql and/or a bug within the app calling Oracle.

    you should perform a code review of the suspect area and determine whether you are calling Oracle in the best way, whether any of your queries are faulty, and whether there are any known bugs in your abstraction layer (if you have one).


    david k

    *table restrictions on varchar2 are 4000

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    ORA-03120 two-task conversion routine: integer overflow

    Hi buro9,

    Export Utility is internally concerned with the table structurre and the number of columns present. Nothing to do with the programming of PL\Sql. So, how to go about it??? No code reviews can be performed.

    I am encountering the same error while during an export on a production schema and I don't have any privileges to alter the same.


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