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    Unanswered: Generating SQL Scripts

    How can I generate a script file for all the tables in my database with the data. The script file when run should create all the tables with the constraints and also have the data inserted into them.

    Thanks in advance
    P.C. Vaidyanathan

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    You can generate the schema easily by going to the Enterprise Manager and right clicking on the dababase name "All Tasks","Generate SQL Scripts". I don't know of anything to script inserting the data. Can you use DTS? Not only will it create the schema and load the data but it will generate all the files used to create the schema.
    Paul Young
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    I agree with Paul Young, DTS would be your best option to create the tables, load the data nad maybe even do aditional preprocessing to your tables.

    This is how we do it on a daily basis with fairly large tables all the time. Realizing size is relative, I am talking about databases as small as a few thousand rows to ones as large as 200 million.

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