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    Unanswered: Open Dialog

    I use linked tables to a MDB in a server. Sometimes, the
    MDB is moved to another directory, so I have to re-link
    it. Does anyone know how to get "Open" dialog box in
    Access ? In Excel, I use Application.GetOpenFilename. What
    it does is it opens "Open" dialog box, and you can click
    on a file you want, and it returns the full path and the
    name of the file you click.

    I need this for my linked tables. If the originalDB is
    moved to other directory, users can click on a button that
    asks for a new path and it links to the new path. Up to
    now, I use InputBox, but it's a bit annoying when the path
    is long.


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    This question was answered here several times, just search this forum.


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