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    Unanswered: Universe terminal recommendations

    Hello everyone!

    What are your recommendations for users running UniVerse Basic apps on a PC via telnet?

    Is the windows telnet client ok, or do you recommend a terminal emulator?


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    uv Terminal Recommendations

    Hi Eric.

    I'm new to this forum but not new to uv. I've had a bit of experience using telnet with uv. Although it's a quick solution when your away from your PC, you would be doing yourself a favor by using a terminal emulator. The two that come to mind are ProComm and AccuTerm. Both give you dial-up cabalities, are quite easy to use and are packed with some cool features.

    You can find information about ProComm at and you can check out AccuTerm at

    Good Luck

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    Universe Terminal


    I need help for universe terminal. currently we are using accuterm. but now i want to move to linux.

    i can't use accuterm anymore. can you recomend me for a terminal which have the facility like JED/WED inside accuterm, please ?

    thank you.

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