I am just beginning the process of upsizing the tables from an access application to SQL Server. I am planning to end up with a SQL Server back-end with an Access front-end. If anyone can answer these questions, I'd sure appreciate it.

1. After I start the wizard, I choose to use an existing database (an empty one that was created for me). It then prompts me for a "DSN Name" in the "Select Data Source". Since there are none listed, I click "New". It then gives me a list with the following items (and others):

Client Access ODBC Drive (32-bit)
Driver do Microsoft Acess (*.mdb)
Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)
SQL Server

These are just the ones that looked like they had something to do with Access or SQL Server. Any advice on what to pick?

2. I tried creating a DSN with the first one and it went along pretty well. When I got back to the "Select Data Source" dialog box, I picked my new DSN and clicked o.k. Right away, I got an error that just said "Upsizing Wizard" as the title, "Overflow" as the message and "OK" as the only option. Any insight into this problem would be very helpful.

Thanks a lot for helping someone at the very beginning of what looks to be a steep learning curve.


P.S. I have the book Microsoft Access Developer's Guide to SQL Server if anyone wants to refer me to help in it.