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Thread: Damned Jpegs

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    Unanswered: Damned Jpegs

    Have a catalogue database containing over 300 embeded jpegs. But they wont show. Stupid Icon. And yes - I have installed the jpeg filter and set the property to show contents. Thing is - the form isnt to blame. I have made a new one w/ the same result and when I rightclick and insert one of the pictures into a new record it works. So there´s something fishy at the table stage.

    When I look at them in table mode they call them selves "packages". Cant seem to be able to change them w/ convert nor change content in edit package. If I dbl click the will open up in my default jpeg app.

    But...The image I have inserted myself, the one that works, doesnt call itself package. It calls itself photo editor object and opens in Microsoft Photo Editor.

    Any suggestions? It would suck to insert all images again by rightclicking and inserting...

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    Pictures in databases are fun aren't they. Wait till you try and find out how to scan them direct, yahoo.

    First off, I never store my pictures in my database. Instead I set up a file on my target drive called pictures or something equally creative and store my pictures there.

    In my database I store the path to the picture only, as a text field. This is much smaller and avoids "bloat".

    I think you should redesign and reassign your pictures this way.

    1: Create a field called PhotoPath or something imaginative.

    2: Open your form in design view and create a linked image control, to a jpeg sitting in your folder "Photos"

    3: Write down the path "C:\Photos\My.jpg"

    4: Open the properties window for the image change the name to "imgMyPicture" and delete the picture path. Access my display a message about you are about to delete the picture, this is fine.

    5: In the current event of the form type code something like:


    6: Close VBA

    7: In the afterupdate event of your control photopath write something like


    8: Compile the code, save the form.

    9: Open the form type in the photopath field the path you wrote down, and move to the next control. THe picture should be the targeted picture.


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