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    Unanswered: FoxBase Plus vs 2.1 Oddities

    I am runnig FoxBase Plus vs 2.1 and I am running the same
    code on two different machines.

    M1 : 800 MHZ Athhlon using Win2000 512 MB memory Lots
    of hard disk space.

    M2: 200 MHZ Pnetium using NT 4.0 fixpack6 256MB Memory
    Lots of Hard drive space.

    On Machine M! running a certain program and using compiled
    .FOX files some programs give errors. However if I delete
    the .FOLX files and use the .PRG files, these programs run

    On Machine M2 only a small subset of the programs that
    give errors on M1 give errors on M2. There is no difference
    between using the .FOLX or .PRG versions of the files.

    Another Oddity.

    On M! in a DOS window of WIN2000 foxpcomp.exe does not
    give any error messages but it also does not compile the
    program,s into FOX files.
    However in pure DOS on this machine it does compile.


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    May it's time to go Windows (VFP) or at least FoxPro 2.6 for DOS?


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    This is an application I wrote in 1986 and about every tw or three years an error arises.
    Since I can fix things on my NT machine it is not worth the
    bother to do any upgrades. I do the fixes as a friendly serviee as I am no longer professionally active in data base programming.
    I was just curious.
    I am still puzzled as to why on Wion2000 machine neither
    foxpcomp or foxbind works. Does nothing, not even give any error messages.

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    It's known problem for old DOS programs (like Clipper) that they error out (overflow) on new fast PCs.

    BTW, FoxPro for DOS 2.6 may run your FoxBase code even without any re-writting.

    Just my 2 cents.

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    Thanks for the information.
    It is just not worth it for me at this time toacquire any more
    FoxBase Programs.

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