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    Unanswered: Clustering OR Shipping Log

    What's the disadvantages of failover clustering over log shipping ?

    Approximately how much it cost to set up the failover clustering system ?

    We are planning use the log shipping to set up a standby server, but it required some down time and manual recovery, my boss asking if we can use failover clustering instead, so I have above questions in mind,

    your help will be highly appreciated,
    thanks a lot in advance

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    To implement cluster (active-active) you have to have:
    2 identical server from ms certified provider (to get support)
    1 shared storage (2 servers are connected to 1 storage)
    Enterprise edition of software(2X for windows and 2X for SQLserver)

    Drawbacks for log shipping are:
    1. You have to reconfigure clients in case of failure to hotstandby server
    2. Not allways able to get latest tranactions
    3. Hard to implement automatic failure detection and switching to safe host

    Drawbacks for clustering:

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