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    Unanswered: Explanation please?

    Number of characters in a record (excluding Memo and OLE Object fields) 2,000

    That is taken from the MS access specifications in help.

    Can somebody please explain exactly what that means. Would this be the cause of "Property Value Too Large" when I attempt to save rather large tables?

    I have a table with 209 fields in it, many are 35 character text fields. In its home database, I can not open up the talbe in design view at all. I simply get the message "Porperty Value is Too Large" and I am booted back to the database window.

    However, if I import ONLY that table into an empty database, I can open it in design view, but I still get the "Property Value is too Large" error if I try to add ANY new field and save the table.

    Help on my problem would be appreciated, as would any explanation of the max number of characters in a record.

    Importing ALL of the objects into a new databaes results in the same problem.

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    I STRONGLY suggest that you reevaluate your data, and create several linked tables. Just a simple calculation shows that if the maximum number of characters in a record is 2,048, and you have 209 fields in the record, then the average field size in that table is only 9 characters.
    I'm quite sure that database redesign will resolve your problem. When most of us talk about a large table, we don't mean horizontally (number of fields) but rather vertically (number of records)

    Good luck

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