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    Question Unanswered: DB Server: IDE vs. SCSI - What are the advantages?


    We are going to be setting up an e-commerce web site that runs on SQL Server 2000 standard and we need to purchase a database server and are not sure whether we will have a use for SCSI hard drives or can stick with IDE RAID.

    The server will just run SQL SERVER 2000, nothing else. There are no images, or anything like that being stored in the database or on the server, but credit card transactions, and orders will be taking place so we want that to be efficient.

    Can someone give a good explanation of which (IDE or RAID) would server us better and why?

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    Mark, you haven't given nearly enogh info to make an analysis of any kind but I can offer some clarification...

    First you definatly want some kind of RAID technology. This can give you drive redundency and depending on he kind of card purchased, some flexability in how you partition your drives.

    IDE vs SCSI. It is true you can save some money by going IDE but the technology hasn't been around long enough. If you absolutly had to cut costs to the bone and purchased IDE then I would watch the error logs like a hawk for any problems that might arrise.
    SCSI technology has been around for ever and provided you go with a name brand, you shouldn't have any surprises. SCSI has been and continues to be the backbone for data storage. I have 15 year old SCSI drives that continue to spin and serve up data without ANY problems, wish I could say the same for my IDE drives.

    Other Comments anyone?
    Paul Young
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    Paul, what information would be required for an analysis? I have no clue how MSSQL stores information or uses a hard drive when performing queries and inserts, etc. I just want to understand how MSSQL interacts with the hard drive... does it require more memory and not rely as heavily on the hard drive? Those types of questions.



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    Since you are going to have high level of concurent writes to db, the logical choice is to inplement RAID10. Only few IDE hardware can support RAID10. SCSI disks are much faster and have high throughput.
    I think SCSI if the only choise for production at this moment.

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