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    Unanswered: run SP without a C++ compiler or I must have one on client

    Hello guys,

    is there a way that I can set up a store procedure with out the need to
    have install , say VC++ 6.0 on a client machine.

    The reason is that I am preparing a set of scripts that will have to
    be run on a clients machine, and he will not have access to a c compiler,
    or rephrasing it , he has no clue what a C compiler is (it is a remote
    location out of the country)

    can I bundle one, or is there something else I could do to
    successfuly run a SP on DB2 w/o a C++ compiler

    Enviroment is a Win2000k runing as a client DB2 , the Db2 is on a
    Win2000 AS


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    Client PC C++ Compilier not required

    as long as the db server has the development software for db2 installed and a C++ compilier installed, you don't need to install a C++ compiler on you client. You only need to install db2 develper sfotware during installation.

    hope this helps. If you have more db2 questions. I posted a db2 cheat sheet, that I have found very useful.



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