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    Question Unanswered: Debugging SQL Stored Procedure

    Hi Everyone,

    What kind of techniques everybody is using to debug SQL Stored Procedure. We are using some batch debugging buts its lot of work to trap all the information. Is there any easy way we can debug/troubleshoot SQL Stored Procedure. If SQL Stored procedure happens to fail in production environment is there any way we can trap all the information without hand-coding bunch of insert statement inside SQL Stored Procedure. We are looking at getting as much information as possible like procedure name, location, SQL, SQLCODE, SQLSTATE, If possible data used for failed SQL etc. There is no documentation on debugging techniques on IBM Web site.

    Rajesh Parab

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    debugging example

    I have had the same problem.

    attached is an example sqlproc that I use for trapping errors. It farely simple but it might help. You defintely need to have an exception table (error table).

    Hope this helps,


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