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Thread: SqlServer & IIS

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    Unanswered: SqlServer & IIS

    Hi all,

    I am having a problem setting up my sql server with IIS integration.

    I have gone through the SQL Online Books example of setting up my virtual directories. I have checked all my permissions and accesses.

    When I try to execute either a SQL (in the URL) or a template i get the following error message:

    ERROR: 400.100 Bad Request
    HResult: 0x80040e4d
    Source: Microsoft SQL isapi extension
    Description: Invalid connection settings: access denied

    It was working a few weeks ago and now it just stopped. I'm using integrated windows authentication, I can log into the database using the username/password combination i specify for the sql login.

    am i missing something? I have tried removing the entire virtual directory and recreating it. I tried bouncing the IIS server.

    any help would be most appreciated.


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    SQL server XML with IIS

    hey i get the same prob in my machine... just as u've said it works perfectly and all of a sudden it gives this error...

    sometimes when i restart windows and also restrate IIS this is resolved, but it is not the solution always... cant figure out why it fails after running properly. Is this anything related to sessions getting expired ?

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