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    Unanswered: SQL server 2000 database that will store multilingual data ???

    I am using SQL server 2000 database that will store multilingual data (
    Chinese, English, Japanes, ). Does any body know how does the sql server 7.0/2000 handdles multilingual
    data in the same database? what are the key points of configuration for this?

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    Collation Settings

    It has to do with Collation Settings, what type of Unicode collation is needed and how Unicode data will be sorted and returned.

    The dafault collation designator is Latin1_General. This supports US English and most Western European languages ONLY.

    (Unicode is a way to allow storage of 2 bytes per character, since 1 byte per character allows only 256 choices of characters. The first 128 characters are typically the same and the remaining 128 characters vary based on character set you select - also known as the "code page".
    Unicode requires double storage but allows strorage of various characters of many - especially non latin - characters/letters/symbols).

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