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    Unanswered: Zip Code Look-Up

    PLEASE help me!! LOL

    I am looking for an add-in to where when I enter an address and a city, it will look up the zip code for me.

    If that's not too clear, here is what I am trying to do....

    I am going through the phone book and entering addresses in to Acces to put together a mailing, the problem is that most of the addresses do NOT include zip codes. I am trying to find an easier way than going online and looking up EACH AND EVERY address to get the zip code.

    I would GLADLY only need zip codes for my metro area (Tampa, FL), but I doubt that is possible.


    P.S. It seems the ones I have found only tell me the zip codes for the cities or vice versa (and not for a specific address).

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    There is a website , which provides the service you need.


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