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    Unanswered: How big can a MYSQL database get?

    Hi all.

    I am just wondering.. How good is MySQL for those really BIG databases? Would anyone reccomend this?

    How does MySQL compare to PostgeSQL?

    Thank you!

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    hi jaco..

    this is a part of the mysql-doc:

    MySQL Version 3.22 has a 4G limit on table size. With the new MyISAM table type in MySQL Version 3.23, the maximum table size is pushed up to 8 million terabytes (2 ^ 63 bytes).

    Note, however, that operating systems have their own file size limits. Here are some examples:

    Operating System File Size Limit
    Linux-Intel 32 bit 2G, 4G or more, depends on Linux version
    Linux-Alpha 8T (?)
    Solaris 2.5.1 2G (possible 4G with patch)
    Solaris 2.6 4G
    Solaris 2.7 Intel 4G
    Solaris 2.7 UltraSPARC 512G

    On Linux 2.2 you can get bigger tables than 2G by using the LFS patch for the ext2 file system. On Linux 2.4 there exists also patches for ReiserFS to get support for big files.

    This means that the table size for MySQL databases is normally limited by the operating system.

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