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    Unanswered: updating the "value" of an input box before focus is lost

    Okay here is what I am trying to do and the problem I am having.

    I have an input box where the user can type in a last name to search for.

    I then have a Listbox where the record results of a query should be displayed.

    However, here is the catch. I am running a routine in the ontimer event.
    So every 1/4 of a sec, it is looking at the textbox to see if it has changed since the last time. If it has changed, it keeps on watching it until the changes have stopped for 1sec. After 1 sec has passed with no new changes, it automatically runs a LIKE query and returns the results to the Listbox.

    This is all working well except for one problem.

    The actual value of the input Textbox doesn't change until focus is lost from the Textbox.

    Does anyone know of a solution or at least a workaround to this problem?

    Thanks for the help...

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    Use .text property of the control. It represents the text that is shown in it rather than the value stored in the controlsource.

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