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    Unanswered: Newbie Question about parameters

    Hi there,

    i'm using HTTP to get XML from SQLserver 2000. I need to query the database with parameters. most of them are arrays.

    i am however unable to get any data from my database using

    WHERE name IN (@param )

    i then tried

    exec (' ....

    WHERE name IN (' + @param + ')

    and still nothing.

    Does anybody know what i'm doing wrong?

    Thank alot

    Wim Horemans
    p.s. in @param there should be something like "jef, jan, gert, dunno"

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    Your local variable should look like "'jef', 'jan', 'gert', 'dunno'"

    and your where caluse should evaluate to

    exec (' ....

    WHERE name IN ('jef', 'jan', 'gert', 'dunno')
    Paul Young
    (Knowledge is power! Get some!)

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