I'm now trying to connect to D3 databases using PHP for Windows over ODBC. I tried to use Apache for Windows, but it seems to conflict with some D3ODBC client component (it opens a window reporting "illegal operation"). Has someone did it before me, does anybody have any bet? Must I use DAO? May I use Apache? All documentation indicates using of VisualBasic, but I want to use only Internet Explorer, PHP and ODBC.

ODBC is defined in NFD connection as follows:
Port Number: 1603
Server Version: 7.2
D3 User ID: dm
D3 Account: Teste_odbc
Login Timeout: 200

At this time, I have the next PHP code:
$server = "d3odbc";
$backup_server = "";
$database = "";
$username = "";
$password = "";
odbc_connect($server,$username,$password) or die(odbc_errormsg());

odbc_errormsg() is returning me
[Pick Systems][ODBC D3 Driver]Logon failed. Check D3 connection parameters and available licenses.

The situation does not change if I define username and password values. Any bet will be welcome.