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    Unanswered: application developer tools

    Our operation is dumping the obsolete database we've been using and is moving to Oracle. I'm currently taking a PL/SLQ class that's using SQL-Plus. I cannot believe that Oracle got as big as it is on the strength of these lame tools! What tools do you developers really use to build a database application?

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    As you've found SQL Plus isn't really meant to be a development tool, Probably the most popular 3rd party one is TOAD (Quest software) you can get a trial download of this from their website

    Another place that you might like to look is

    Also Oracle do some very good tools themselves especially if you're doing anything involving java.

    It's also worth looking at some of the tuning/indexing advisory tools in Enterprise manager (I've been quite impressed by the 9i offerings).

    Hope this helps,

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    PL/SQL Developer is a powerful tool for developing, that is my love

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