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    Post Unanswered: Help On Reports Possibly a Query

    I am working on an Access Program that tracks equipment Maintenance and determines when maintenance needs to be done. I have finished setting up the database and it works great. Now I need a report that will tell me when maintenance needs to be performed. I have a table that has the current miles on a vehicle and a seperate table that shows when maintenance needs to be performed.

    I want to be able to print off a report that will bring up the equipment that needs to be maintained but does not show the equipment that is up to date.

    For example I have a table called "Service Time" that has the current mileage for a vehicle. I have another table "Maintenance Due" that tells how often the the vehicle needs to be maintained. For example every 3000 miles a truck needs an oil change. So in the "Service Time" Table it would show a truck has 2000 miles on it. The "Maintenance Due" Table would show that at 5000 the oil needs to be changed. I want the report to bring up this vehicle when it hits 5000 miles. I want it to compare the two fields and when the data in the "Service Time" table is greater than or Equal to the data in "Maintenance Due" I want it to show up.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. This is the first program I have worked on, so any suggestions that may be easier would be helpful as well.


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    Hi nada,

    Make a query with the two tables, so that you can have:
    [field Miles of Service Time] , [Field Miles of Maintenance due] and [Field car license]

    Now, make an expression, with:

    [Field Miles of Maintenence due]-[field Miles of Service Time]

    This will calculate the difference in miles, betwen maintenance and service. Create a criteria for this new field, based in the amount of miles you want. For example if you want only 3000 miles, than the query only returns cars, which difference between those fields is equal.

    Hope this helps!!

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