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    Question Unanswered: Range check error

    I have an application run in Windows NT and based in paradox tables, (BDE administrator version 5.01). When I run this application, automatically look a message, RANGE CHECK ERROR.

    I install a application in Windows 2000 and not problem. I think that this error is for a database.

    ¿what's happen?

    Help me please.

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    I think your app has been made with a paradox version for Windows 9x, so it runs well in Win 2k which has a good app compatibility mode that mimicks win9x and not in win nt which doesn't have it.

    If you cannot upgrade your apps to a more recent version of Pdox, because you don't have the source, you're stuck with win 2k; the other way, you can easily recompile it, you should have no problem in recompiling apps made with Pdox 7> in Pdox 11.
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