I have an application which I am currently using at work, as a pilot prior to the rest of my office starting to use it at various levels. Our network is based on thin client server however, currently my applicaiton is using the existing desktop in a standard client server method.

For the last three weeks or so, the application has been going okay, especially considering it is being developed over weekends and then used the following week. Debugging by necessity is taking place during the working day, in that a list of faults is noted and repaired the following morning before work.

However, this morning there was an interesting change. (The backend data is daily zipped and emailed from the server to my computer. This is then changed, if required, and returned the next day. As stated previously this has been happening for at least three weeks.)

It was end of month and the accounts people were madly inputting data. The system defaults to them first. During this time, I reinstalled the same as I do every day, however, the application returned a message that a connection with the server could not be established. Not to be deterred, I switched back to Access 2000, and attempted to relink to my backend with the link manager. This returned a connection with the server could not be established.

I think this is indicating that there maybe a probelm with the network bandwidth, or the server capacity to handle transactions. This is not a huge concern to my application, I simply swap my backend to C drive and backup at end of day to server. Where I am very concerned is the business is a summer orientated business. Currently, in Perth anyway, it is not summer.

What I would like to do is locate the bottle neck in the process. Does anyone know of code that can acheive this?