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    Post Unanswered: requery subform combo?

    I am in the process of creating a customer return analysis database for the manufacturing company I work for (Please note: I am fairly new to Access and I am not a programmer).

    On the main data entry screen there is a main form and subform. On the main form (frmMain) I use a combo box control (ReturnNumber) to select from existing return ID numbers. The customer name (Customer) and other information related to the return ID number is diplayed on the main form via text boxes. So far, so good.

    For customer returns, we receive multiple different part numbers in each return. So I created a subform (frmMainSub) to view, as well as add, part numbers to the return ID (as selected in the main form). I am using a combo box (Cust PN) to select the from the different part numbers on the subform. Since we have literally hundreds of different part numbers, the row source for combo box (Cust PN) on the subform is a query (qryCustPN) that filters the part numbers according to the contents of the Customer text box on the main form (frmMain). This is were the problem comes in. The first I select a return ID number on the main form, the subform works as planned - only the proper parts show up in the combo box (Cust PN). If I leave the main form open and then select another return ID number that has a different customer (and different part numbers), the Cust PN combo box still shows the information related to the first return ID number.

    This is driving me crazy... I have tried multiple diffferent things (inclding refresh) and searched the Internet for solutions but they don't work for this.

    What I am doing wrong? This seems like it should be very simple thing to do.

    Dazed and Confused

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    is the CustPN combo bound correctly? i could look at it if you e-mailed a copy to me.
    Unique like everyone else,

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    Any Reply?

    I've run into the exact same problem; was there a solution to this issue?

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    Cool Solution...

    I've come up with a solution to this problem although I still don't see why the problem occurs.

    I have a combo box (AddOnLicenseID) in which I wish to display for selection all the license numbers there are for a given software title (AddOnSoftwareTitle). As reported, this works fine for the first record but fails on succeeding pages by still displaying the license numbers for the software title of the first page.

    On my combo box (AddOnLicenseID) I added an Event Procedure on the On Enter event as follows:

    Private Sub AddOnLicenseID_Enter()
    End Sub

    That seems to successfully limit my combo box selections (license numbers) to those which share the same software title.

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