Hello all! I am setting up my first Replicated database, and want to get this right.

We are a Newspaper, and I will be Publishing the database that is the back end of the web server. The goal is to load balance the web site as well as to have a second identical server in case something goes wrong. Both the Subscriber and the Publisher need to be kept in sync as new articles are posted, so my client will just be updating the Publisher. But I'd like to keep a single set of usage statistics, so I was thinking of using Immediate Updating so the Subscriber can update the Publisher using two-phase commit.

What will happen if the Publisher shuts down and an update is attempted on the Subscriber? Will it just hang? Let's assume the worst - what if my Publisher is kaput? How do I determine that my other database is a Subscriber; and how do I stop it from being a Subscriber?

Thanks in Advance,