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    Question Unanswered: Printing problems with Windows XP

    I am working with an office that has a mix of Windows NT and Windows XP. All of our Access applications are Access 97. Due to design factors I had to set up one Access application with a front and back end in order to let NT and XP users use it (Acc. 2000 front end converted from Acc. 97 containing forms, queries, etc., uses Acc. 97 back end containing tables.) This app. works fine.

    The Problem: XP users running 97 applications that are not a front-end/back-end setup can’t get reports to print and, in some cases, can’t even get reports to run.

    Any ideas?

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    Same problem.
    We have developed several databases in Access 97. Works fine on network with users running windows 98.

    Now some users have windows XP and the response time is terrible. In addition to that, when previewing and/or printing once or twice the database will quit responding.

    Attempt #1. upgrade to MS Access 2000.
    Database converted
    Code compiled
    Database repair (for what its worth)
    Database compact
    Problem persists.
    Attempt #2. Windows XP sp-1 installation.
    A little quicker response when navigating through the DB, but still slow. And when previewing and/or printing once or twice the database will still quit responding.

    Did you find any solutions?

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    Fix for XP printing problem


    This fix was done a few months ago. I hope I am remembering it correctly.

    1. In the '97 version of the application, open the report with the problem in design view.

    2. Go to the "File" dropdown and choose "Page Setup". Click on "Page" tab, set printer to "Use specific printer" and choose a printer different from the default. ( You may have to add a new printer for test purposes if you only have one now. If that isn't possible, try using the one you have--it might still work!!)

    3. Save and close the report. Open it again and change the printer back to "default". Save and close.

    4. Convert the database to newer version and try the report.

    I hope it works for you. Don't ask me why it worked for me. Good luck!

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