I've got an MSDE question that maybe someone can help with.

We use MSDE in our application. Our app runs in both networked environments, and on systems where the only net connection is with a modem. The machines are Windows 98 SE.

We have had problems with MSDE when using machines which have network cards installed, but are not actually connected to a network. The symptom is that nothing can connect to the MSDE database. The problem is usually solved by disabling the network card in Device Manager (so it doesn't show up in winipcfg's list of adapters). If the adapter is present, but not configured, winipcfg shows the adapter with an odd ip address.

With a net adapter present but not configured, running netstat -a while attempting to connect to the database, it is noticeable the the connection attempt times out at the exact moment netstat gives up trying to look up names for the IP addresses it is listing. One of these IP addresses is the 'fake' one that appears in winipcfg.

Has anyone encountered this problem before? It is clearly a problem when we ship on laptops, as they tend to move around and be sometimes connected to a network, and sometimes not. Is there a reliable way to solve this problem without disabling the net adapter? We don't really want to foist that responsibility on end users...

Thanks for your help.