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    Question Unanswered: ISM/onbar on sinix platform

    ISM/onbar on sinix platform

    We are trying to use ISM on sinix platform but

    I have a problem with onbar ISM on Sinix 5.45 and IDS 7.31.UC6.
    A restore is very, very .... long ! More than 22 hours for a 2Go backup, and it was not over !
    In bar_dbug.log I can see than the barGetData Function takes between 5 and 10 seconds to complete, which seems far too long.
    Below, a bar_dbug extract:
    2001-09-19 15:48:11 15258 15257 barGetData: enter
    2001-09-19 15:48:11 15258 15257 BSAGetData: enter
    2001-09-19 15:48:16 15258 15257 BSAGetData: output: bufferLen = 63488, numBytes = 63488
    2001-09-19 15:48:16 15258 15257 BSAGetData: return 14 (0x0e)
    2001-09-19 15:48:16 15258 15257 barGetData: output last_lap
    2001-09-19 15:48:16 15258 15257 barGetData: return 0 (0x00)

    The configuration here is simple I think, I work with ISMDisk Pools but that's the same with ISM non disk Pools.

    Ps : This problem seems to occur only on Sinix (Reliant Unix) platforms, we configured onbar on solaris platform and it works fine.
    We tested also with 9.21.UC3 informix version on sinix and we encountered same problem.

    If you use ism/onbar, do you have this performance problem?

    Any idea/clue will be welcome

    Best regards

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    Have you reviewed your release notes ? You may want to modify the bar_debug to give you more information.

    The following is a good article to find where the bottleneck is:

    Informix Article

    Good luck.

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