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    Unanswered: Count only record that is not null

    How do I go about counting only record that do not have null field in a query-based report.

    I have this in my query :

    Ist column : Field:PR number,Table:PO,Total:Group by
    2nd column : Field:PR date sent to HQ,Table:PO,Total:Group by
    3rd column: Field:PR date sent to HQ,Table:PO,Total:Count
    4th column:Field:Count this:1,Total Group by

    The Count this=1 is to have the same PR number and its same corresponding PR date sent to HQ (same PR number, same PR date sent to HQ)in different record counted as 1 record in the report i.e 4 same PR number is counted as 1.

    Also, this is intended to have the report applying the query show all the record of but sum up only PR date sent to HQ field (date type) which is not null in the report footer and I try to achieve this by setting the criteria in 2nd column as "Is not null" but when preview the report, the result count for 2 , in my case 1 record PR date sent to HQ is not null and another 1 record PR date sent to HQ is null, it should count only 1.

    Any solution welcome.

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    null count

    just in certria put the " is null " then my count
    that is

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