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    Unanswered: Does mySql support multiple languages???

    I'm about to launch a site for worldwide customers.

    My customers will store text in some fields. And this text will laiter on be displayed around the www in browsers.
    My customers will have the option on saving the text for english readers and readers that use the customers own language.

    My question is this:

    When a customer from let say Germany, Sweden, Taiwan, Japan or whatever country.. enters text in their own language and someone (a reader from the same country) with that charset (German, Swedish, Taiwanese or Japanese) want to read the text in their own language..... will this text display correctly??

    (I do not expect i.e. a Swedish reader to be able to read the Japanese text on a computer that does not support the Japanese charset.)

    Hope for an answer.....


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    MYSQL Multilanguage

    You may want to have a look at:

    They have some Java components that allows applications to store multilingual text in unicode format. Double Byte characters are no problem.

    We're using their product at the moment and have not had problems.


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