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    Unanswered: please help

    hi i have a project written up in Access but the problem is i need the program being made. its for a assignment that i am unable to do now due to my computer being reformated and now do not have access on my machine.

    if any1 can do this i can send you my project in word format and if possible please make the progam in access.

    in return i can help you with any mobile related questions as i am a moderator on the forum for mobile phones. can send you any ringtones or logos you may need.


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    To flexasist,

    1. The project is a combination of Property Management and Real Estate Management.

    2. You can download a sample from but I remind you that this rent-right software is not perfect, there I found a lot of bugs that will give undesireable report...

    3. Actually I am now is in the process developping a fully practical Property Management + Real Estate perfect software using MS Access 2002.

    4. Your project is just like a real project.

    5. I need one more month to build it.

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