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    Unanswered: Combo in Query or Report

    I have a button on a Menu page that prints out a legal document. Problem is I get one for every Company in the database. I would like to have a dropdown where the user can select what company he would like to print out the document for.

    I can filter a query by putting [Enter Company Name] in "Criteria" but then the user has to type the Company Name exactly as stated in the Company Database. Not nice. I would rather have a Combo Drop Down...

    Another way would be If I could put a Combo on my Menupage in the first place instead. I know how to do that with forms. But not with Reports. Is there an equivalent for this:

    stLinkCriteria = "[COMPANY ID]=" & Me![TblCONTACTS.COMPANY ID]
    DoCmd.OpenForm stDocName, , , stLinkCriteria

    For reports????


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    -Create a group query on the table that has the Company Names (using only the Company Name field) (sort asc or des, your preference)
    (Name it qry_comp_name)

    -Create a form (name it frm_comp) add a combo box (name it cbo_comp)
    -Make the source of your new form qry_comp_name
    -Make the source of the combo box (company name) if that's the naming in your query/table (qry_comp_name)
    -In the query where you currently have the parameter [Enter Company Name]
    -Change it to

    That should do it.

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