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    Unanswered: How can i create forms like excel..

    i have table named "lista", "ship" "seaport"
    lista contain field ID, arrival, departure, ship, seaport
    ship contain field ID and ship
    seaport contain field ID and seaport

    ID format is autonumber
    arrival format is longdate
    departure format is longdate
    ship is compobox
    seaport is compobox

    How can i create forms like excel..
    20 row i need to show... How can calculate ID2 field departure - ID1 field arrival
    and if i change some arrival or departure, every row must calculate automatic

    Excel this look like this
    A B C D
    1 ship arrival departure go time
    2 silja 1.1.01 10:00 1.1.01 20:00 24
    3 viking 2.1.01 10:00 2.1.01 18:00 7
    4 kontu 3.1.01 1:00 4.1.01 01:00 11
    5 espa 4.1.01 12:00

    thanks to help

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    i don't have much db experience, but i do have an idea of what you'd like, so here goes my 2 cents (and that's about all it's worth )...

    first of all, it sounds like you want a calculated field (the field departure and arrival). i'm not sure i understand your calculation, but, in any event, in order to create a calculated field, you must create a query based on whatever table (sounds like your lista table?).

    after you create your query, you can either use a wizard in the form to create a tabular form. tabular will create the spreadsheet-like format you seek. (it also sounds like your form will be based on the table and the query).

    hope this helps.

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    Thanks lostdreamer

    i do query and Continuous Forms but how can i do this calculation?

    i create two TextBox in form "X" and "count" count controlsource like this
    =DLookUp("departure";"lista query";"[id]=[X]")-[arrival]
    where X is ID+1

    This count not works right. If some row delete "ID" look like this 1,2,5,6,7,8 "ID" must be 1,2,3,4,5,6,7

    i hope someone help me... Thanks

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