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    Unanswered: Continuous Form Help

    I'm fairly new to VBA and Access, though I'm an experienced C programmer. So I'm stumbling along a bit. I hope I can explain my problem sufficiently...

    I have a continuous form which pulls data from a table. Most of the data is in text boxes with several check boxes.

    Depending on the state of the check boxes, I want to change the color of something in the record based on the state of the check boxes (ForeColor or BackColor of the controls, or the background color of the record would be fine). This is a visual cue that tells me the status of the record at a glance.

    I did find some code that would color all the text on the form one color, but that doesn't exactly fit the bill. I need to be able to access the individual check boxes to test them and the color properties of the record or the color properties on each control in each record.

    Can anybody help?

    Thank you,

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    See the link below:


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