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    Unhappy Unanswered: Import fixed length does not recognize spaces

    I routinely import fixed length data into MSAccess2000 with no problems. Today, a "Square character" is replacing the spaces. This prevents the fields from lining up so they can be imported. I removed MSOffice and reloaded the software and have the same problem. I also attepted to have Office do a repair. This happens on multiple files that I am able to import on other PCs so it is a problm with Access on this PC. Has anyone seen this before?

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    My feeble memory seems to be dragging up something about hidden files, or hidden characters or something. I suspect you have a control on to show system objects or something like that.

    I think the square character represents character 10 in some circumstances.

    If you get really stuck, import the file into excel and then import into Access. Personally I sometimes find this better, as I can see the data as I manipulate it and Excel does have some nice data tools especially for working with tab delimited or comma delimited files.

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