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    Question Unanswered: Programmatically HIDE and SHOW the Default Access97 ToolBar!!! HELP!!!

    Is there a way to programmatically HIDE and SHOW the default ToolBar in Access97. What I want is to completly HIDE the Default ToolBar when a specific Form pops-up. Next time if some other Form is opened I want to show the Default ToolBar. Means I just want to HIDE the Default ToolBar on one Form only in my Application and on the rest I use Default one. I am doing this because I don't want the Filter Buttons for this Form and instead want to use my Buttons to do the Filtering as is done by Filter By Selection, Filter By Form and Apply Filter buttons on the ToolBar. Any help is appreciated. Also attached is iamge of the ToolBar I want to HIDE. Any help is appreciated.
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    Use this simple code on load and on unload of the form:

    DoCmd.ShowToolbar "Database", A_TOOLBAR_NO
    DoCmd.ShowToolbar "Menu Bar", A_TOOLBAR_NO

    change the toolbar name correspondingly.

    On unload use
    DoCmd.ShowToolbar "Database", A_TOOLBAR_YES
    DoCmd.ShowToolbar "Menu Bar", A_TOOLBAR_YES


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