I need to setup a replication scheme for a small db (about 2MB in size and slowly growing) that is updated with (usually) single records on average once every 5 minutes.

Consistency is a factor, as I would like the subscription data to be as up to date as possible, but, currently, transactional replication is not possible because Select Into statements are being made to the database, invalidating the transaction log.

My question is this. With the size and type of load on the database that I mentioned, would using continuous snapshot replication not cause too much performance degradation, or should I somehow have the developers find a way around using Select Into statements and just do transactional replication?

A little more info:

SQL/OS is MSSQL7 SP3 on NT4 SP6a
Hardware on publisher is P2 based system with 512MB ram and the database is spread across 3 SCSI-3 drives (no raid on system whatsoever...don't ask me why, I asked the same thing ).
Replication will be across 100Mb LAN.