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    Unanswered: IP Connection String for an instance

    I am running SQL Server 7 and SQL Server 2000 on the same box. The following two connection strings both work when I run asp applications from the network.

    Application("Sales") = "driver=sql server;server=SQL01;database=Sales;uid=SalesUser;p assword=xxxx"

    Application("Survey") = "driver=sql server;server=SQL01\SQL2000;database=Surveys;uid=S urveyUser;password=xxxx"

    On external IIS servers I use the following connection string replacing the IP address for the server name. It works fine.

    Application("Sales") = "driver=sql server;server=;database=Sales;uid=Sales User;password=xxxx"

    But this does not work.
    Application("ARESales") = "driver=sql server;server=\SQL2000;database=Sales;u id=SurveyUser;password=xxxx"

    I cannot connect via Enterprise manager either for the SQL2000 instance when trying to use IP/Instance

    Thanks for any help you can give.

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    The following article addresses your issue:

    MSDN Article

    Good luck.

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