I have an Access 2000 database. My customer is not very familiar with SQL, so I have to find a way for my customer to use Crystal Reports. With Crystal Reports, I want the customer to be able to build queries and dump the results of the queries into some form of a report. What I do not know is how many reports need to be designed. I have a copy of “Crystal Reports Developer” that I have been playing with. I believe the version is 8.5. I have noticed that I have to open “Crystal SQL Designer” separately from “Crystal Reports”.

Can someone help me put all the above in perspective:

Exactly what do I need to give my customer (developer, non-developer or what …)

How do “Crystal SQL Designer” and “Crystal Reports” talk to each other? How does one dump results from “Crystal SQL Designer” into “Crystal Reports”? Can that process be done programmatically?? Do I need a C/C++ or VB application to tie them together?

Can I trigger crystal Reports from inside the very Access database that I am trying to extract information from? If so, how? I have read a little about the “crystl32.ocx”