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    Red face Unanswered: Update table from query

    I knocked up a quick mailout database for a bloke at work.

    It is fairly simple and produces reports as client letters.

    There are three tables one of which I am a little stuck with.

    Client Data - Names, address and so on

    LetterTable - Contains various letters

    JoinTable - LetterID, CLientID, DateSent

    He wants to send five letters a day. So I ordered by postcode in a query, then query this query to get not in JoinTable ClientID, and pick the top five. This works great.

    My problem comes in trying to update the jointable so Access knows who has been sent letters. I tried an update query but it doesn't like it.

    I am trying to ake the interface simple so my mate can just click a button, print his five letters, and update the join table automatically. I suspect as the query is based on the join table this is causing a problem.

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    What I do is open the query that selected data for printing the letters in DESIGN MODE, delete all fields except the fields with CRITERIA, then I update the DATE MAILED field with Date(). Then, I save this as a new query called qryUpdateMailed (or something like it).

    Hope this helps...
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